ATK Supporters Raise $30,000 for Research!

ATK would like to thank the community for their efforts to meet a $30,000 research goal! We exceeded our goal in less than one month! Dr. Aaron Denson presented Dr. Dominic D'Agostino with a check on Thursday!

Dr. Corinne Stobaugh shared the following, "You did an amazing job and we exceeded our goal of $30,000!! Thank you all so much for making this project happen! We hope to have preliminary results by the end of the year. Currently, Dr. D'Agostino is finalizing the transfer of mice from Dr. Bjornsson's lab, spreading the word about the project on various podcasts (see at 2:32:00) and working to secure even more funding from industry sources to expand the project. We are excited to have such a dedicated expert on ketone metabolism focus on learning more about how ketones may help our Kabuki warriors!"

ATK will continue to accept donations for future research opportunities. Donations can be made through Facebook fundraisers or via our website.

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All Things Kabuki (ATK) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation based out of Wasilla, Alaska. We are the only U.S. patient advocacy group supporting the Kabuki community globally. Our mission is to raise awareness, incite research, and support individuals and families affected by Kabuki Syndrome.
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