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ATK honors the families who have lost their Kabuki warriors. We make every effort to help families experiencing financial hardships fundraise for, and cover, the cost of final expenses. With parent permission, ATK offers memorial decals in our online store. Merchandise proceeds benefit our Green Star Funeral Fund.

Why Green Star? ATK's Founder is married to a combat veteran. Dating back to the 1930's, when a service member was killed in combat, the surviving spouse (family) would be referred to as a Gold Star Spouse. While the King's don't take lightly comparing military loss to others, they feel strongly that individuals with Kabuki Syndrome fight a fierce battle their entire life. As a gesture of respect, ATK established the Green Star Family Program to honor the individual that lost their battle with Kabuki Syndrome and support the family that is left to mourn their devastating loss.

We invite you to view the beautiful faces of the children and adults born with Kabuki Syndrome, that fought big battles during their short time on earth. 

Note: We do not automatically include patients in this tribute. If you have lost a child with Kabuki Syndrome and would like to include them in our tribute gallery, please contact our team at
Loved. Missed. Remembered
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