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Women supporting women! ATK's newest initiative OPERATION INSPIRATION was launched in September 2021.


There's something so uplifting about receiving a note in the mail - letting you know someone was thinking about you. Rooting for. Praying for you. This group was established for Kabuki Syndrome Mama's to support one another, especially during those hard, lonely days. Our initial goal was to have 100 women join this effort by the end of 2022. As of September 21, eighty-five women have joined this effort. 

As we identify Mama's struggling - physically and/or emotionally, we activate a call to action on the private Facebook group, requesting 10+ members agree to reach out via snail mail. * The commitment to participate is minimal with regard to time, effort and finances - a simple post it note and stamp can brighten someone's day; however, follow through is vital to ensure our efforts are a success. 

This group is moderated by volunteers. Women are invited to join the group HERE.  Questions, or to initiate a >> Call To Action << for a Kabuki Syndrome mama you see struggling, email us at:

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To all of the moms that sent cards to me: Thank you times a million! What an awesome surprise to get card and notes from others. They made me so happy, I was practically in tears. Thank you, Thank you! I have a little more than one week of treatment left. - GC

My kabuki community is unlike anything else!!!! So full of love and encouragement! When [mom] was in the hospital, All Things Kabuki with Operation Inspiration took the time to hand write and mail us both cards from all over the US!!! Heart cup is so full!!! - LD

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