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The Sibling Pen Pal Club is BACK! Kabuki Syndrome siblings are invited to enroll in the Sibling Pen Pal Club and connect with other unsung heroes via snail mail. There is no minimum age or ability required to participate. Caregivers are encouraged to join in the fun. Individuals with Kabuki Syndrome are encourage to enroll in the already established Kabuki Pen Pal Club!
1. The Sibling Pen Pal Club is open to siblings of individuals affected by Kabuki Syndrome, of any age.
2. Participants choose their own Pen Pal(s) from the list of enrolled members. There is no minimum or maximum number of Pen Pals one can have. *Pen Pal Directory is posted on the secret Pen Pal Club Facebook group. Parent will be invited to join upon enrollment.
3. A Pen Pal Club Icebreaker is available to kick off communication, but is not required.
4. The Pen Pal Club Director will post monthly communication challenges in the Facebook group. Participants are not required to do the challenges, they simply serve as a communication tool.
5. Participants should have a photo release on file. 
6. The Sibling Pen Pal Club is open to U.S. and International families. *some promotions may not be available to international families due to the high cost of postage.
7. Parents that wish to enroll their child, but are experiencing a financial hardship can request postage assistance on the application. Unfortunately this applies to families in the U.S. only at this time.
For program questions, email us!
Jennifer Cooney, Pen Pal Club Director
Kristi Hill, Pen Pal Club Coordinator
ENROLL in the Sibling Pen Pal Club here.
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