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Kabuki Challenge Coin Available Now!

ATK's first (of many) Commemorative Challenge Coin in now available! Designed and donated by a Canadian Kabuki Syndrome Dad, Earl Van Meer Jr. This coin is available for shipping in the US. Canadian orders, contact us to purchase directly from the creator.

You'll note a small flaw, typo, on the coin, however it does not take away from its beauty or purpose. We'll call it unique, like each of us, and those affected by Kabuki Syndrome. :)

When we asked Earl why he chose to create and donate he responded saying, "I found a new hobby I'm passionate about and want to share with our community this commemorative challenge coin to help raise funds and awareness. Another motivation for the Kabuki coin was because of how All Things Kabuki helped out so much in the beginning when my son was born with the information made available on your site, and the community in the group. I don't think I could repay how you all helped alleviate the fear in the beginning and continue to help guide."

What is a challenge coin?

Challenge coins are frequently collected by service members and first responders, that was this writer's first introduction to them. Uniquely designed coins are often presented by leadership in recognition of a special achievement or may be exchanged when recognizing a visit to another organization or unit. Modern day challenge coins are often collected and/or exchanged for reasons unique to each collector.

When they're gone, they're gone! Order your coin today at

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