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Green Star Tribute Page

There is always a mix of emotions when we share about the loss of a Kabuki Warrior, or now, update our Green Star Tribute page. A heaviness weighs on my heart, while a promise echoes in my head. I'll never stop sharing the story of Elizabeth, Operation Kabuki Christmas, All Things Kabuki and my promise to a Mama that asked me to not forget her precious daughter; a brave Kabuki Syndrome Warrior.

As your patient advocacy organization, we pledge to serve you, the community. If we have not met your expectations, please reach out so we can do better. As Founder of ATK, I continue to make every effort to fulfil my promise to the Golab's; a promise I extend to the parents and loved ones of our fallen. You are important to our community, our organization, my family! It is our privilege to share the memory of your beautiful child, a privilege I don't take lightly.

To the community, the majority of parents who have a child featured in this tribute have said more than once ... it's ok to talk about their child. To mention their name. To remember them.

We will continue to work on and grow this new program not only as a tribute, but to support our Green Star families and collaborate with them to work on creative ways to share their stories and continue to engage. It is important that we, as a community, remind them that they still have a place in our community. That their presence is wanted and still very much needed. And like each of us would long for should we be in their shoes, that their child is Never Forgotten. xoxo Rene


Today we have updated our tribute page to include these fierce little warriors!

Liam Pratt Lydia Frasier Isaac Capon

To view our Green Star Tribute page, please visit:

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