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Family Resources: Medical Trauma Flyer

ATK is pleased to announce the launch of our Family Resource Program. Another amazing friend, Kabuki mom and new volunteer has taken the torch and is already hard at work! Thank you Kassandra for taking on this mountain.

This program will also have several arms to it and will take a lot of time and hands to be fully functioning. While ATK has offered a US map with minimal resources in each state, Kassandra plans to take on this mega job and dive into additional resources ... waivers, hospital benefits (food and parking vouchers and so much more). In some aspects this program will overlap with our Advocacy Outreach program.

During our team meeting there was discussion about the mental health effects that raising a medically complex child can have on a caregiver. Kassandra had shared that she wrote a letter related to Medical Trauma and PTSD to share with Seattle Children's Hospital. Knowing that medical trauma is frequently seen in our community, I asked Kassandra if we could share it with the community and incorporate it into our welcome folder and online resources.

This document is intended for education and support purposes and should not be considered medical advice.

>>Kassandra has reached out for community support in the FB Parent Group. We'd love for you to take a few moments to share your feedback with her.

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