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Dr. Angie Serrano - 2020 Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholar

Congratulations Dr. Angie Serrano! Angie is a friend, supporter, speaker and advocate for ATK and the Kabuki Syndrome community. She is also researching Kabuki Syndrome through zebrafish! Below is little information and a link to her recent achievement! And check out these fabulous photos she shared with us! In September 2019 Angie did an Awareness Jump in Utah! Thank you Angie, for your support and research efforts! We miss you.

Discovering Mechanisms of Kabuki Syndrome Neurodevelopment Defects in Zebrafish and Human iPSC-Derived Brain Organoids Children with Kabuki Syndrome (KS) have neurodevelopment defects that greatly impact the quality of life for KS children and their families. The cellular and molecular mechanisms by which KMT2D mutations cause these neurodevelopmental defects are unknown. We will use the experimental versatility and high-throughput capabilities of our KS zebrafish models and the translatability of KS patient iPSC-derived brain organoids to understand the novel roles of KMT2D during neurogenesis.

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