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Isabella Pape Receives Liver Transplant, Meets Members of Milwaukee Bucks

The holidays are supposed to be a time of celebration, eating too much, giving back and spending time with family. But for Katie Pape, the 2017 holiday season began with a rocky start. Her nine-year old daughter, Isabella, was rushed to the ER in November. No one expected the news that came next: Bella was in acute liver failure and would need a transplant. News that no parent wants to hear, because it usually means that if it's not taken care of quickly, it could be deadly.

Having a Kabuki syndrome diagnosis meant that the Pape's were all too familiar with doctors and hospitals, so they knew what was next.

Bella received her transplant, and after a long recovery, is doing extremely well. While she was in the hospital being treated, her story was shared through several media outlets in Wisconsin. She even got to meet NBA players for the local team, the Milwaukee Bucks. Please follow these links and see what an amazing and strong little girl Bella is, and how much that visit by the Bucks' players brightened her spirits!

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