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Dr. Dominic D'Agostino of USF to study the effect of ketones on mouse models of Kabuki Syndrome. 



RESEARCH GOAL: To determine if ketones improve cognitive outcomes in Kabuki syndrome.


A pilot study is planned with several treatment arms including ketogenic diet and exogenous ketone salts using the same mouse models of Kabuki syndrome featured in Dr. Hans Bjornsson's groundbreaking research. One of Dr. Bjornsson's prior publications, A ketogenic diet rescues hippocampal memory defects in a mouse model of Kabuki syndrome, noted improvement in cognitive ability in a mouse model of Kabuki Syndrome with both the ketogenic diet and exogenous subcutaneously injected ketones.




Our fundraising goal is $30,000! By utilizing matching programs, we hope to turn that $30,000 into $90,000 in total research funds. We will update fundraising and research progress here periodically. Total funds raised: $34,501!! Thank you.


Contributions:  Rene King -

Research Project: Corinne Stobaugh -

Research Project: Aaron Denson -


Learn more about Dr. D'Agostino's lab here!


 > 06/07/18  Dominic D'Agostino FB Live with Metabolic Health Summit

 > 06/04/18  Dominic D'Agostino FB Live Kabuki Syndrome Q&A

 > 09/12/19  Dominic D'Agostino & Rene King FB Live Q & A

 > 05/08/20  Read Dr. Dominic's recently published abstract:


Full manuscript is in process. Dr. Dominic's team is not currently working in the lab due to COVID-19, however they are eager to get back to research. 


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Dr. Dominic D'Agostino &

Dr. Aaron Denson with ATK fundraising check!

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