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ATK's Kabuki Syndrome clinical flyer is now available for parents to distribute too! This resource was first developed in collaboration with our partners at the Roya Kabuki Program in 2017 and distributed to geneticists across the US in an effort to raise awareness within the medical community about Kabuki syndrome and the physical features that patients often present with. 

Page 2 of this flyer includes geneticists in every region of the United States that are familiar with Kabuki syndrome and have agreed to be a point of contact for clinicians who have, or may have a patient with Kabuki. Parents are welcome to download this document and distribute it in your area. If you'd like us to include medical professionals in your area, in our annual medical outreach, send us an email! 

If you don't have access to a quality printer and would like copies mailed to you, send an email to with your name, address and the number of copies you'd like us to mail. Thank you for joining our efforts to raise awareness for Kabuki syndrome in the medical community.  Download Clinical Flyer Here.

Clinical Flyer - Kabuki Syndrome
Kabuki Syndrome Clinical Flyer - 2022 - Page 1.jpg
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