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Annual Awareness Campagins

Rare Disease Campaign

FEBRUARY is worldwide Rare Disease Awareness Month. The last day of February (the 29th in leap years) is Rare Disease Awareness Day. 

Kabuki Syndrome Campaign

OCTOBER has been designated Kabuki Syndrome Awareness Month. October 23rd is Kabuki Syndrome Awareness Day. While these dates have been chosen by our community, ATK continues to pursue legislation to make them officially recognized in the United States.


In 2016, All Things Kabuki began an online awareness campaign to promote awareness for Kabuki Syndrome. We continue to promote these campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram with support from our community. Both campaigns have been effective in expanding our reach, promoting awareness for Kabuki Syndrome and educating the public about rare disease.

We appreciate you partnering with us to promote awareness and drive change for all affected by Kabuki Syndrome. Thank you to the families that have allowed us to share their beautiful children with the community! View our current and past campaigns below. 

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