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The purpose of the Parent Mentor Program is to help alleviate the uncertainty and isolation common when parenting a child with a rare disorder, by providing an opportunity for lasting personal connections within the ATK community. - Bonnie Ozinga, Director

The Parent Mentor Program launched in February 2020. Kabuki Syndrome Parents (and primary caregivers) are encouraged to enroll. Once your enrollment is received, the director will reach out via email and complete the process to match you with a mentor or mentee. We expect to make changes to this program throughout the year as we get a better feel for the wants and needs of the community.

What should you expect? Frequent interaction from a mentor online, over the phone and/or in person when possible. The program director will email monthly "conversation starters" and quarterly check-in's to ensure your mentor/mentee match is a good fit and communication is as expected. 

Questions, comments, struggles along the way? Please email Bonnie at

If you would like to be a mentor, or be matched with a mentor, enroll here

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