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Join team KABUKI FRIENDS for the

2021 Virtual Walk for Boston Childrens!

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The 2021 Eversource Walk for Boston Children's Hospital will once again be a virtual event. The best part about that ... individuals can join in the fun and help us fundraise around the globe! We're changing things up a bit, creating a co-event to further our efforts to raise funds for the Roya Kabuki Clinic. Here's how you can participate and help us MAKE A DIFFERENCE for all individuals affected by Kabuki Syndrome! 

1. REGISTER for the virtual walk under Team Kabuki Friends >>> HERE.

2. PRINT or make a matching hashtag sign like ... THIS.

3. PRINT (or download the PDF) of one (or both) of ATK's Blackout Bingo Cards. >>> ONE and TWO

4. COMPLETE each square on the selected card, upload (or email) your photos and completed Bingo card(s) to our public Facebook group HERE and BOOM! Kabuki Coffee will donate $5 through Rikki's fundraiser, up to $3,000! WIN! WIN! BONUS if you post on your social media with the three hashtags - Rikki may be doing a drawing in the coming months. 

 >>> DON'T HAVE A PRINTER? Need brochures or awareness cards? Email us at: Resources and walk signs and cards ship from Alaska and our office will be closed intermittently due to travel - so get your resource requests in ASAP! 

The Blackout Bingo Fundraiser will be live APRIL 9th through JUNE 11th, WALK DAY! Interested in making a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation? Visit Rikki & ATK's joint Facebook Fundraiser HERE, or donate via our walk page HERE. This is the one fundraiser that benefits the Roya Kabuki Program 100%! There are no hospital administrative fees. 

Thank you for supporting All Things Kabuki, the Roya Kabuki Program and the community we jointly serve. For more information about the program visit Bodamer Lab HERE. Questions regarding this virtual event? Email Rene King at


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